20 Random Facts About Me

(c) Jaron Natividad

(c) Jaron Natividad

1. I love Garfield so much.

2. Shoe-shopping is my cardio.

3. I’m afraid to ride on an air-conditioned bus since when I was young. I love the ordinary one.

4. I love crafting so much.

5. During my elementary days, I used to write my surname with a single “r” when laziness strikes.

6. I’m “one of the boys” most of the time because I hate dramas slash kaartehan.

7. I’m the youngest in our family.

8.  I hate pink but most of my stuffs are pink </3

9. I’m already 19 but I’ve never been to a club.

10. I don’t usually watch tv (except if it’s Tom & Jerry on screen)

11. I hate chocolate with nuts.

12. I used to be our school’s chess player (elementary to high school) except when I was on my 3rd year hs level.

13. I love scrapbooking so much.

14. I went to the convent during our js prom (4th year hs) instead of attending the event.

15. I used to be an active sponsored blogger on Tumblr way back 2011-2013.

16. I’m addicted to piso machine (may it be on timezone, wof, tom’s world, fun fun etc.) and I usually spent not less than 1k on it #childish

17. I love eating balut so much except its sisiw. The 1st time and the last time I ate its sisiw was on March 2008.

18. I am scared of needles and injections.

19. I own an online shop.

20. I’m in a happy and blessed relationship with Jervin for more than 3 years. ♥

The Monday Grace

Cheers to another post for today! Well, just to give you a little background of what’s this post all about — The Monday Grace is a weekly segment slash a project on Kisty’s blog that aims to immerse ourselves with happier, kinder, and grateful thoughts; and to replace the negative vibes we often feel every Monday.

Been reading lots of posts about this but never did I imagine that I’m going to join the bandwagon hihi

So here it goes…


“Today” – for He has given me another day to live – the gift of life.

Skype with Mom. ♥

The opportunity to love and to be loved.

Unexpected clients // packing for tomorrow’s shipment #productivemonday

Reconnecting with my old friends. Oh how I miss our elementary days aka “nene days” and my unforgettable high school life.

That feeling when your favorite instagrammers noticed your post about them *giving me the twinkle eyes* hehe

Woke up late than the usual #walangpasok

Eat-all-you-can at home with my sisters

Dinner date with ate Jamie burp!

Progress with this blog site of mine (for the sake of my ol multi-media journ subject)

Positive vibes everywhere.

* * *

Happy Monday! Don’t forget to make this day oh-so productive ☺

My Favorite Instagrammers

D’you know that one of the reasons why I stay up late is because I’m addicted to instagram? (yeah, you read it right!) And of all the forms of social media, it is actually where I spent most of my free time and my supposed to be “Zzzz time” haha Well, I would just say that there’s something with instagram (its features, different apps used by users in enhancing their photos, the use of # etc.) that’s why I can’t stop myself from browsing random photos of different users. And today, I’m going to share with you my personal top 10 favorite instagram accounts.

@corinth.suarez (formerly corinthgonzalo)




I don’t know them personally but since the day I followed them on instagram I never fail to visit their accounts every time I’m ig-ing (that means daily he he)

I am so amazed and truly inspired with their long distance relationship (story) that was built years ago through instagram. They even have their own hashtags so they can easily trackback their moments together: #chasingmiamor when they’re just into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, #miamorwedding for their wedding photos and #alwaysmiamor since they got married ♥

Both of them are actually good in photography and they’re into blogging too.



Agnes Cecile’s arts and skills are indeed amazing! She’s one of a kind and I admire her so much. She’s so passionate that you can even feel that her illustration has its own life *goose bumps*



There is something with her photos that srsly caught my attention — her emotion, the way she looks, her unique pose, the apps she’s using etc. In one word, perfect!



I love everything about crafting and scrapbooking. As a matter of fact, I’m a crafter by heart. Looking at anything crafty, colorful, and the likes makes my eyes twinkle and makes me feel like a kinder.



If you’re looking for stones for the soul (handmade accessories) that will really spice up your ootds, I would highly recommend Stoneriver to you. About legitimacy? No worries. I assure you more than a hundred percent. Kimberly Sabala, the founder and crafter behind this shop launched its 1st collection on May 2014 and it’s pretty amazing because it’s obviously a ‘boom’ to this shop — just imagine having more than 16k followers on ig just for a couple of months.



There’s always this flashback on my mind whenever I’m browsing Mei’s posts: Back when I was an elementary student, I used to have a subject where we are taught of basic sewing and how to crochet and later on we need to submit a project or a piece of art out of it. That time, I actually don’t know what to do. I remember asking one of my classmates to make mine and in return I’ll pay to her or treat her during our recess or lunch time. Pity me? haha Oh how I wish I could make one or two or more for myself… NOW!



Isn’t it amazing having your story inside a locket? Well, I would just say that Origami_afolonia21 is one of the most unique and must-follow online shops.



If you’re looking for a shop that caters customized hand-crafted accessories and anything vintage-y, go and follow this online shop.



We cannot hide the fact the we love to sleep most of the time as much as we love food lol

Imagine waking up next to your special someone, family and friends even if they’re not around? Oh yes, is it possible with Arteegram’s customized pillow — either a bed or a long pillow. Sooner or later, I’ll have mine (♥.♥)


That’s it! How about you? I dare you to share yours (wink)

The Sunday Currently

Been reading Sidda Thornton‘s The Sunday Currently posts slash series for so long including almost all of the links under it and decided to create mine, too, just now even if Lauren, the mastermind of this project already put an end to it (but promised to have a come back) after reaching a hundred different Sunday posts.



READING // Bad Childhood — Good Life by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

WRITING // My 1st ever entry for The Sunday Currently

LISTENING // to the sound of the wind whipping around our apartment

THINKING // of how will I customize this site oh-so well (I mean according to my imagination) haha

LOVING // my dearest boyfriend for surprising me with a huge Garfield stuffed toy last night

CLICKING // the “like button” on various photos on instagram

LOOKING // at my mom’s face via skype

FEELING // so cold brrrr

NEEDING // to pack orders for Tuesday’s shipment

WANTING // to buy a new pair of shoes

WISHING // to have more clients this week

WEARING // a comfy short and a sleeveless shirt which are not appropriate for tonight’s weather lol

PS: I hate myself for not attending the mass today huhu Oh, the weather!

To RKM :):

Hi! Remember me? We were friends back then. We’re not really that close to each other the first time we met. Actually, I remember one issue (not literally an issue) I would just say that, maybe, it’s because we’re just high school slash nene back then, if you know what I mean. I admit it’s my fault. But believe me, I never mean it. And srsly, it makes me laugh every time I think of it. Lol. Forget about it anyway.

But, when the time comes… I mean, there’s this time that I need to get out of ‘that place’, to get out of my comfort zone, to forget others (even if I don’t want to), hide my feelings (or I would just say, check my feelings), test if ‘they’ will mind to find me when I’m gone; because they miss me or at least because I’m important to them and the likes, and simply walk away from the present to outline my life goals; for my future… then you made me realize one thing — that we have something… that I found a friend in you (idk if you feel it too, but for me, you’re a good friend of mine, until now even if it’s not obvious) from the time you do an effort, to communicate with me even if I’m far from you, given the fact that we’re not friends before, or even classmates, but just a schoolmate who only know each other by name. There’s this time that we actually laughed so hard while we’re talking over the phone. We had that conversation about, “akala ko dati, mataray ka…” etc. I like to remember those nights, or I would just say those ‘late night conversations with you’ and imagined life after… 5 years, maybe? But idk. One year later (idk the exact countings), seems like we lost our connection. Time passed and we never talked. Been busy with our lives, I guess. And not remembering that time we just felt free and happy talking slash laughing slash story-telling over the phone, just like strangers turn to friends. (Thank you for sharing your life with me!)

Again, what happened to us? Or I would just say what happened to (I thought) our friendship? Idk. But I’m still hoping for a friendship between you and I. Could it be? Idk yet.

Anyways, I am glad that you became a part of my life when nobody was by my side, back then. I know you were busy now, and so I am, too.